Short Circuit Downgrade

It finally happened the short circuit got nerfed from back to reality from its previous lightning gun phase. The metal cost is up to 15 instead of 5 and the damage was lowered. Damage was never a big deal but the metal cost is slightly more fair in my opinion. The fire rate appears to be unchanged which doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The 5 metal per shot was just absurd. Well bye bye short circuit assholes



mlg_galLook Saxton we made it! That’s right folks TF2 is now on MLG! There are three modes of play on MLG. Classic MGE, Sixes, and Ultiduo. Sign up down below

Past that that this means that TF2 is truly being recognized as one of the great Esports games. This is something that I am extremely enthusiastic about. More publicity for TF2 is always a good thing. Now I encourage everyone to sign up to at least the MGE ladder since it is just one v one  and it is a great way to hone your skills. As always happy gaming!

Asia Fortress Mashed Potatoes

u4Fk2kXHey fellow TF2ers just wanted to share my thoughts on this past event. This event took place this december and it was an extremely interesting composition. Anyone was welcome to sign up for this event and then teams were randomly created. This meant that you have teams with extremely varying levels of experience. This created in my opinion a very fun light hearted competitive experience for newbies and experienced players alike. I would like for more events of this nature to be made. As a barely above average highlander and sixes player I think that it would be extremely fun to play with IM or Platinum level players. Anyway that’s my thoughts on this event as always happy gaming!

Smissmass Update

maxresdefaultSo here we are yet again TF2 players another Christmas or should I say Smissmass update. Once again there are a variety of new community created hats that have been added to the game and much as I do LOVE a good hat what I really wanted was some new WEAPONS. Normally we the players are given at least a couple of new weapons in this update; however, this time around Valve has opted to not release any new weps. Instead a bunch of old weapons were adjusted let’s take a look.

Soldier_ConcherorFirst comes the Concheror which has been giving a +2 passive health buff for the wearer. This is nice I guess I never really used the Concheror, if I was going to use one the solly backpacks I would first use the Buff Banner then the Batallions Backup, and last on my list would be the Concheror. This brings us to the Batallions Backup which received +20 max health on the wearer. This health bonus is very nice for one reason. You get more health and that is always a good thing. Batallions Backup isn’t the worst weapon in the world. I can remember one high level competitive game where TLR used the Batallions Backup. On the whole these changes aren’t huge the general consensus is still going to be that the solly secondaries will either be the standard shotty or the gunboats.

Crit___a___Cola_Bonk_by_borzou99Crit a Cola has always been a fairly powerful tool for the scout. Enabling mini crits on yourself can allow you to deal a massive amount of damage, you also get a nice little speed boost which never hurt anyone. The update has now made the penalty of +25% extra damage to +10% damage penalty. This makes Crit a Cola a much more viable tool since the 25% increase to incoming damage was actually pretty noticeable. I would love to see some scouts busting out the crit a cola in highlander games.

dexdiamondbackThat’s right folks look out for the new diamondback. This was a mediocre item at best before. The stored crits from buildings destroyed was unreliable. Now that the crits are stored for backstabs as well spies can be extremely aggressive with their stab and shoot. This in my opinion is fairly OP a spy with any degree of aim will be able to use this new item to his advantage. I would expect this item to be banned in pretty much all competitive scenes.

Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-in-Team-Fortress-2-The-short-circuit-590x219Make way for the new and improved short circuit folks. This item is even better than it was before. I personally really liked this item even before the update. The short circuit really gave engies a good deal of support power while cart pushing and in sentry defense (wrangler is still better). Now with the faster fire rate and less ammo consumption any projectiles you wish to destroy will be taken out of existence extremely easily.  I still can’t get over 5 METAL PER SHOT. The cost is crazy low.  Some players have found some fun ways to exploit this new weapon here we have lazy purple in the link below.

thm_99016aThe soda popper got a buff? Nerf? I can’t really tell. The weapon wasn’t really good before and now its not really any better. The hype meter now allows for five double jumps essentially this is the equation. Scout + Hype Meter = Plane. If you were really crazy and wanted to add the winger and the atomizer into the mix the scout would be I don’t know a fighter jet? This weapon is still bad and I don’t think Valve was trying to make it any better. This update to the Popper was simply just a fun little toy for scouts to play around with, and it undoubtably true five jumps is extremely fun. And heres Lazy Purple with another video this one is extremely Lemingesque.

As always thanks for reading and happy gaming folks!

Tale of Two Cities

now_featuring_two_citiesMvM fun right? Well yes it is fun at least for a time. For me MvM is always like a one time thing. I will play like one tour and then I’l get it out of my system. After having played this new version I can honestly say it isn’t any harder than the old MvM. While there are new enemies it doesn’t add much to the game mode to make me want to play. I really only play MvM with friends anyway and it usually boils down to a team of six spies and various shenanigans like that. Although I do have to give Valve some credit for adding a new mechanic to the medic where he gets a projectile shield and the ability to revive dead teammates. With this MvM update Tale of Two Cities valve once again releases its latest money making ploy.  After completing each mission in Mann Up mode a player receives a number of robotic parts and has a chance to receive a killstreak item kit. These killstreak items come in three different varieties. Here is a great explanation of the whole killstreak nonsense since it is kind of confusing.

Now having said my bit about how little interest i have in MvM, I will say that I enjoy killstreak items about 100% more than the botkillers. I personally thought that the botkillers were probably some of the most useless and cosmetically stupid looking weapons in the game. Killstreak weapons on the other hand really get me going, I enjoy having the nice glow on my weapon and the eye effects are pretty nice as well. The best by far of the Tale of Two Cities rewards would have to be the Australium Weapons.

download (1)

Australium weapons are incredible. In my opinion they are an extremely cool. I do not think that they are worth their current price. These items are essentially like the gold botkillers of the day. Right now their prices are going to be extremely high; however, just like the ole botkillers soon they will only be like a key or three nothing crazy like paying 5,000 dollars for the first gold frying pan. Like who gives a flying fuck if it is the first gold pan? Soon there will be hundreds if not thousands just like it! Ok it is his money to spend but really? 5,000 dollars? Anyway thats my little rant about MvM Tale of Two Cities, tell me what you think about Tale of Two Cities in the comments.

As always happy gaming!

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